I found these on the hauntings by state site:


-Saint Mary's Annex at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia.
See website for information.

Once a convent, many people report laughter, noises, footsteps and the spirits on nuns here at Saint Mary's.

-Indian Museum, Marshall's Creek.
See website for information.

A mysterious woman descends the stairway in the main hall at the Indian Museum.

-Ramsey Hall, WCU, West Chester.
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Dorothy Ramsey, a former English professor, still haunts her namesake. A plaque dedicated to her memory indicates she passed on April 31st, even though there is no such date. Some think she is so angry over the error that she haunts the Hall still.

-Fayette County Courthouse, Uniontown.
61 East Main, Suite 1B. 724-430-2909

The Fayette County Courthouse with its tall clock tower, the third to occupy the same spot, is an outstanding example of Richardsonian architecture, built in 1891 - 92. It has in the lobby an eight-foot wooden statue of Lafayette, carved in 1847 by David Blythe, who became one of the outstanding native-scenes artists of his century. The statue periodically goes traveling to museums and art exhibits. Courthouse is open 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. People were once hanged there and one fellow, who professed his innocence to the end, swore that the four clocks in the tower would never work again. To this date, no matter how many times they are synchronized, they all end up running 5 to 10 minutes off.

-The Ship Inn, Exton.
Rte. 30 and Ship Rd, 610.363.7200

Although the origin of the spirit is unknown, this in, built in the 1700's, is said to be haunted.

-The Old Torrance State Mental Hospital, Torrance.

Elevators run on their own, doors slam, and the spirits of previous residents have been spotted here.

-Roth Hall, Thiel College, Greenville.
See website for information.

Many people report a spirit haunting Roth Hall.

-Old Main Tower at Mercyhurst College, Erie.
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People have claimed to see a nun's spirit roaming the halls.

-Conemaugh Valley High School, Johnstown.
See website for information.

Built on top of an old cemetery, reports of apparitions, slamming doors and lockers flying open.

-Tom Quick Inn, Milford.
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Over a century old, this Victorian Inn is home to voices, moving beds, etc.

-Black Bass Hotel, Bucks County.
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Haunted by a woman in white, said to be carrying a gun, as well as the murdered soul of Hans, an innkeeper. Stabbed to death in a tavern brawl, a pool of blood has appeared on the floor many times.

-Key Theatre, Hazleton.
29-31 West Broad Street West, (570)454-4621

Three spirits haunt the projection room, concession stand and ticket booth. Often seen in 1900's attire, projectors turn on by themselves and old music can be heard playing.

-Forest Lawn Cemetery, Johnstown.
See website for information.

Home to a woman in white who roams Forest Lawn at nighttime.

-King George Inn, Allentown.
See website for information.

Several ghosts haunt here, including a woman and young child, often seen in the basement, and a man wearing what appears to be Revolutionary War clothing.

-Craven Hall, Warminster.
See website for information.

A young man dressed in clothing of the 1700's can sometimes be seen here, banging on the windows as if looking for a way out. Some believe he might be buried here at Craven Hall.

-Brackenridge Heights Country Club, Natrona Heights.
Private Lane Ave, Allegheny County (724) 226-1146

Footsteps, doors opening and closing, and lights turning back on after they have been shut off have been reported here. Also, one dishwasher, while in the basement, heard the sound of a man clearing his throat although he was alone.

-Tamaqua Train Station, Tamaqua.
Location unknown.

Disembodied voices, spectral lights, orbs, cold drafts, lightbulbs going off and extension cords unplugging themselves are just a few of the reported activities here.

-Tamaqua Elk's Club, Tamaqua.
Broad Street.

Paranormal investigators have reported activity in this building that was constructed in the 1800s. Three deaths have been reported to have occured, two of them being suicides. Cold air and moving orbs have been experienced here, as well as a feeling of being followed.

-Gravity Hill, Bedford County.
See website for location.

Gravity Hill is a phenomenon. Cars roll uphill, water flows the wrong way ... it's a place where gravity has gone haywire. Why it happens, nobody knows for sure. A few speculate that it's nothing more than an optical illusion. Others are certain that there is a definite gravity warp in the earth that causes this strange occurrance. But, whatever the reason, you can tell your friends that you've made it to the often talked about, but seldom found, Gravity Hill.